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Counselling for Anxiety

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Anxiety is complex.

It is a well-evolved nervous system response. We want our fight, flight and freeze responses to successfully work for us in dangerous situations. But sometimes our wires get crossed and our anxiety begins to activate when there is no actual danger, no true threat - even though our body sensations are telling us that something is wrong. When this happens, the mind adds to the confusion by telling a story that we are not safe, that we can’t handle what is happening now, or may happen in the future, and that we cannot cope.

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Anxiety can feel different for everybody.

Some examples of what it may feel like are:

  • fear

  • persistent worry

  • avoidance

  • perfectionism

  • shut-down

  • irritability

  • racing and circling thoughts

  • uncomfortable body sensations

  • kinetic energy

  • racing heart rate

  • panic

  • over-productivity

  • attempts to control outcomes

  • inability to tolerate uncertainty

  • shaking

You can learn to reset the mind-body balance.

Through our work together you will develop an understanding of what is happening and why.

You will learn the skills to sit with what is uncomfortable, to tolerate uncertainty and how to settle the mind and body to bring about relief, balance and ease.

Regain the ability to enjoy your relationships and live your life the way you choose.





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