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Children have an amazing capacity to grow, to learn, and to believe in the possibilities of change and transformation. However children are also vulnerable to the stress of life and events outside of their control.  They can experience uncertainty, anxiety, sadness, and poor self-confidence. Working with both expressive therapies and CBT ( cognitive -behavioural therapy) in an evidence informed manner can help children to learn to believe in themselves and develop their strengths so that they may achieve health and wellness.

Adolescence is a time of incredible change.  Emotions, thoughts, and the stressors of life can be overwhelming. Anxiety, depression, relationships, social media and school, can present tremendous pressures for many adolescents. Through an approach using primarily CBT (cognitive-behavioural therapy) and Mindfulness, adolescents can learn to better manage these life challenges.

Many times people enter into a counselling relationship to work on unresolved issues from their childhood and / or adolescence.  Sometimes certain present-day events or relationships trigger uncomfortable emotions and people would like to have the opportunity to better understand their thoughts, feelings and behaviours.  Whatever the reason, working with a trusted therapist can provide the opportunity to heal and move towards achieving your personal goals.





Mental health



Chronic Pain



Social and Emotional Issues

School-related Issues

Behavioural Concerns

Postpartum adjustment

Separation and Divorce


Coping Skills


Life Adjustment

Fees for Services

Family counselling is built on the foundation that each member of the family has an important and contributing role within the family system.  The dynamics between each family member can vary, but the purpose of family therapy is to support the family to achieve their goals of growth and wellness as both individuals and members of the family system.

Sometimes family members become involved in counselling to better support another family member.  This is particularly important when children and adolescents are involved in counselling.  Parents and caregivers are their cheer-leaders and the best outcomes for well-being often involve a collaborative team working towards wellness.

Sessions are $125 per hour

In-home sessions are available on a case-by-case basis for an additional cost


Sliding Scale is available on a case-by-case basis

    In-home    Counselling
Life can be unpredictable, as can illness.  If you, or a family member, are seeking counselling support but are unable to come to the office due to physical barriers or symptoms of illness; please contact me so that we may discuss the possibility of receiving counselling in your home.

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