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Counselling for Chronic Conditions

counselling for chronic conditions

Chronic stress

Stress is everywhere. It is in all that we do. It can feel like an unrelenting heavy burden. In recent years, a great deal of attention has been dedicated to understanding the impact of stress; including increased risk of diseases, anxiety, depression, relationship breakdown and workplace absence (to name a few).

Whatever the source of your stress, let’s understand how it is impacting you. By working together, you will learn to bring your body, mind, and life into better balance so that you feel competent and confident in managing your stress.  This balance will help you to improve your sense of well-being and your overall sense of wellness.

Chronic Illness and Health Issues & Chronic Pain

Many years ago I experienced the shock, fear, and sense of helplessness that accompanied my chronic illness diagnoses. For years I had been symptomatic and in a state of chronic pain. I felt my world, my relationships, my life choices shrink around me. There is not one aspect of my life that chronic illness did not touch.

This experience, and my personal journey of healing, has profoundly shaped my lens as a therapist and the way that I practice. I have had the privilege to receive healing treatments from a variety of practitioners and modalities, including psychotherapy. I have participated in specialized training to better understand the mind-body connection, to understand how to decrease the reactivity of the body and how to turn down the volume on physical pain.

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From my own integrated and intentional wellness journey I have learned to live in balance and partnership with my body.

This work has reduced my symptoms, decreased my felt sense of physical pain, and allowed me to regain a life of meaning and purpose. It is a conscious way of being. It takes thoughtful awareness and effort. But it gives too. It has given me the ability to live a rich and meaningful life with more ease and hope.

Together, we can discover that balance for you.

The one that eases your suffering and allows you to rediscover the life you want.

Through our work together, you will gain the insight, knowledge and skills that will help you achieve your own personal path to wellness.

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