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Support for Parents, Caregivers & Partners


It can be difficult to know what to say or do when a loved one is struggling.

It is hard to know how to help. You may find that you feel lost, helpless, or silenced. You may worry about asking the “wrong” questions or saying the “wrong thing”. Navigating and witnessing a loved one’s emotional and physical pain can be fraught with uncertainty, sadness, and many other emotions.

Even though you cannot take the journey for them, there are ways to communicate with them and skills that you can develop to better support your loved one, as well as yourself.

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Connect with me.

Let's support you, so that you can better support the one you care about.

Together, we can deepen your knowledge and understanding of your loved one’s mental health struggle or chronic condition.

Through education and support, we can focus our attention on helping you to become a confident resource and ally to your loved one; while providing you with the space and support you need to honour your own experience.

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